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TV producer in trouble: Serious health problems interrupted investigative television production

TV producer in trouble:

Serious health problems interrupted investigative television production

New York City / London/3mnewswire.org/November 10, 2008 (intle). An independent and investigative television production about the Nazi threats and terrorism got interrupted on Saturday, November 8, 2008 in an Eastern city of former Eastern Germany after the independent journalist, broadcasting journalist, author of several books and television producer got by surprise and unexpected suddenly sick within hours. The founder and director of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty and director, Andreas Klamm, which has published on October 28, 2008 his third book in the year 2008 “Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters”, ISBN (-10): 3837072436 ISBN (-13): 978-3837072433 got for unknown reasons within a couple of hours this sick that he had to seek for medical care in a hospital although he has no health insurance. The television producer had to spend the night in a local hospital in Eastern Germany. The international news center has today confirmed the information about the sad incident.

Andreas Klamm has said: „To those which have told me already in the past that perhaps not all accidents which I have been involved in the past are actually accidents should know that after I have suddenly suffered serious health related problems that suddenly and unexpected I have suffered from unusual though headache, fever and I had to vomit several times. At this time I see nothing which could bring anyone to the conclusion that this was not a sudden disease which for unknown reason has happened. It was a scary thing and I felt quite weak almost close to the point not to survive this incident and I am sorry that the television production got interrupted. I give highly very SPECIAL THANKS to the doctors and the nurses of the local hospital which helped me to go through this strange sudden disease and crisis. Our viewers and observers which are concerned about these things should know that I have been diagnosed by my former doctor in the year 2003 with possible cancer. The information about possible cancer has been not confirmed because after paying for 22 years the health insurance in Germany and after my former physician had made this concern about my health situation I have got kicked out of the German health insurance. This had caused the problem that since five years in Germany no more blood tests have been taken after several tests which have been leading to the conclusion that there may have taken place some serious health problems. On October 19, 2007 I have been asking the U.S. Department for Justice already for the change of my citizenship according to Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, United Nations and my hope is still there that this request under special circumstances will be heard. The United States of America is known as the defender of democracy and therefore I believe the USA will help those which are working hard for democracy.”

For security reasons no other information will be published at this moment. Some incidents have caused almost prior the television production that the entire television production was in the danger to fail or to be jeopardized.

Andreas Klamm gave thanks to his viewers and has said also: “For those which do believe our television production and coverage with a victim of several attempts of assassination and union worker got now again jeopardized and destroyed I do have some real good news for you. Some people which know me know that I have been forced to release some 911 prayers and I did and I am thankful that my prayers have been heard otherwise I would be not able anymore to make this public statement. Because I am waxen poor and do have no money and by grace I had to leave the hospital real quick after receiving some medical treatment and pain relief medication and I have been working hard already on Sunday morning and afternoon on November 9, 2008, although I have felt still weak. With the union worker, communist and victim of several attempted assassination I had the wonderful chance to meet. The interview was quite a challenge. We had almost four hour a good conversation and have been able to produce a two hour extended special television production about his activities and he had many things to tell our viewers. Certainly I do believe every one which supports the freedom of the press, the freedom of speech, liberty, democracy and peace will like this television production which will be aired soon on IBS Television Liberty and other TV stations. Please understand that at this time I am not able to release further information for security reasons. As soon as the television production will be released our international news desk in London and co-workers in New York City will release some more information. For those which are concerned about my health situation. Please, if you want to do something real good for me, than continue to pray for me before the Holy God of Israel and the Lord our God and if you want to you can make a donation or send me a Kosher gift basket to our editorial office in Germany. You should know that I have prayed a lot before the television production has taken place and that only under prayer I went to the certain locations to produce this interview on our educational television program. If you want to pray for something good, than please continue to pray that I will find some relief in New York City next year in 2009. As you know the 44th President of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, has got elected on November 4, 2008 and there is a lot of hope that the first Afro-American President will take a public stand for the human rights and grant them to those which seek them.

For those which are seriously concerned about some health problems of mine I am planning to go to a good Jewish hospital in New York City next year and I will ask the doctors to take some blood tests. Please understand although in 2000 and 2007 a co-producer and me have received several threats I have to continue to work even in cases if some serious dangers might apply. The respect for truth and for the right of the public to truth is the first duty of the journalist, actually of all journalists. Have Hans and Sophie Scholl be scared about the dangers taking with their leaflets a public stand against war and the mass murder of our Jewish brothers and sisters and all of those other 10 million victims during the years in 1933 to 1945? There is not this much time left to fool or play around or to hide the truth. We have to publish a part of the truth so far as we have a chance to do so. However I can not allow it going to happen that some people which threaten us will stop the freedom of the press, freedom of speech, liberty, peace and democracy.

Therefore I give very SPECICAL THANKS unto the Lord our God and to all of those which do pray for my co-producers and me. I am very thankful for the goodness of the Lord of our God and you can be certain that even while feeling so close to death as on Saturday I have been able to sense the protective strength and healing power of the Lord our God. Therefore continue please to pray for us and that we will be able to share with you an important part of the truth and very interesting information which you will not find on the mainstream media. Not all German citizens are Nazis and I am very thankful for this. It is sad that there are some forces in the country of Germany which are with no doubt very dangerous and the rising threats of anti-Semistism and some kind of the Nazi movement is a danger to many of us. It is a danger to all of those which love liberty, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, democracy, peace and justice.

But there are precious people which are taking quite a lot of personal risks in extra-ordinary times to take a stand against these threats and I am very thankful for the grace that on this weekend I had the chance to conduct the interview after some hours of health related interruption of our television production on the educational television program of about two hours with some precious people and heroes in extra-ordinary times. One of them mentioned during the interview: “The only one chance which we do have is to educate people and to share the truth…” and I do believe this man is right in this case. Certainly I will call now for back up and support to all of our international supporters and observers. As I have mentioned already several times in the past weeks I am by no means planning to die or to be buried in Germany and I am planning to travel next year in 2009 to New York City. If I have to die once in some years I want to be buried in the United States of America. Some people know that I have made vows before the LORD our GOD actually also before the Holy God of Israel.

As I have mentioned earlier this month already: Many of us should work for the freedom of the press, the freedom of journalists, for democracy, for liberty, peace and justice. These precious values do require that many of us will work together for something good. It is not only a gift which we have received in 1948 we have to work and have to be engaged for the good things. In many cases it requires the hard labor of many people. In some cases we even have to defend the good things as we can not allow it going to happen that modern countries of democracy will suffer from dictatorship and tyranny again as in the years from 1933 to 1945.

Watch and pray, THANK YOU to all of those which will continue to pray for us. Please continue to pray for some relief for me in New York City and that I will be able to go to a good Jewish hospital in New York City in 2009 where I feel comfortable.

While feeling still a little weak I am preparing already to travel to the next locations to conduct more interviews even with so called controversial journalists and people which could be called with no doubt heroes in extra-ordinary times. More information will be released as soon as the television production will be aired. Thank you !”


Buch mit Themen zu den Menschenrechten: Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters

Buch mit Themen zu den Menschenrechten:

Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters

New York / London / Ludwigshafen. (intle)./3mnewswire.org/November 8, 2008. Nach mehr als zwei Jahren mühevoller Arbeit ist ein neues Buch des Journalisten, Rundfunk-Journalisten und Autors mehrerer Bücher, Andreas Klamm erschienen. „Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters“, ISBN (-13): 9783837072433, beinhaltet auf 272 Seiten Auszüge aus umfangreichen Dokumentationen zu den Themen Menschenrechte und der Verletzung von Menschenrechten. Bei dem Buch handelt es sich um den ersten Band einer Serie, die im kommenden Jahr eine Fortsetzung finden wird mit dem zweiten Band, der im Frühjahr erscheinen soll.

Das internationale Medienprojekt „Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters – Medienprojekt Menschenrechts-Reporter“ wurde durch einen weiteren Autor und den Journalisten und dem Autor Andreas Klamm im Dezember 2006 gegründet. Seit Dezember 2006 konnte ein internationales Team von Journalisten, Autoren und Medien-Produzenten in 33 Ländern mehr als 170 massive Verstöße gegen die Allgemeine Erklärung der Menschenrechte der Vereinten Nationen (United Nations, UN, http://www.un.org, News York) dokumentieren. Die Proklamation der Allgemeinen Erklärung der Menschenrechte wird weltweit am 10. Dezember 2008, dem 60. Jahrestag, gefeiert. Das Buch ist als Teil eines Projektes der internationalen Völkerverständigung in englischer und in deutscher Sprache geschrieben. Im Jahr 1986 gründete der Journalist das internationale und alternative nicht kommerzielle Medien-Netzwerk Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty (IBS Liberty, Leeds), das seit 1986 der internationalen Völkerverständigung dient.

In dem Buch wird auch über Gewalt gegenüber kritischen und investigativen Journalisten und über die Ermordung von Journalisten berichtet. „Wichtig war mir nicht nur mit erhobenen Zeigefinger auf die schlimmen Menschenrechts-Verletzungen in fernen Ländern hinzuweisen, sondern auch in Deutschland aufmerksam und kritisch die Geschehen und Entwicklungen in Bezug die Einhaltung oder die massive Verletzung von Menschenrechten zu dokumentieren. Deutschland ist kein Land in dem in Bezug auf die Einhaltung der Allgemeinen Menschenrechte, Milch und Honig fließen. Oder mit anderen deutlichen Worten: Deutschland ist kein Menschenrechts-Paradies. Vermutlich gibt es ein solches Land in der gesamten Welt nicht. Im ersten Band war es nur möglich einen kleinen Teil der zum Teil sehr schlimmen Ereignisse zu dokumentieren. Daher wird im Frühjahr der zweite Band der Serie erscheinen, die auch als Radio- und Fernseh-Sendung produziert wird.“, erklärte der französisch-deutsche Journalist und Autor.

Die Veröffentlichung des Buches hatte sich im Dezember 2007 verzögert, nach dem der Journalist erneut Drohungen erhalten hatte. Bereits im Jahr 2000 erhielt der Journalist, Fernseh-Produzent und weitere Co-Produzenten Drohungen und Mord-Drohungen nach der Ausstrahlung der kritischen Fernseh-Dokumentation „Der 9. November 1938 und heute.“, die sich mit den Verbrechen der Nazi-Terroristen in den Jahren 1933 bis 1945 auseinander setzt.

Zudem hatten drei falsche Zeugen im Herbst 2007 in schriftlichen Anschuldigungen gegenüber dem Journalisten den öffentlichen Vorwurf gemacht, der Journalist habe im Zusammenhang mit der Bericht-Erstattung zum „Fest für obdachlose Menschen in Ludwigshafen am Rhein“ einen Spenden-Betrug in Höhe von geschätzten 700 Milliarden Euro begangen.

In der regionalen Presse und im Internet wurde der Journalist und Autor, ohne dass je ein öffentliches und ordentliches Gerichts-Verfahren in Ludwigshafen am Rhein stattgefunden hat, bereits im Voraus verurteilt von den regionalen Medien. Die Zuhilfenahme und Rechtsberatung eines Anwaltes wurde dem Journalisten bereits mehrfach verweigert. Auch bei einem Polizei-Verhör im Herbst 2007 wurde dem Journalisten die Hinzuziehung eines Anwaltes in einer anderen Sache verweigert.

Die offenbar falschen Zeugen machten alle drei in ihren schriftlichen Anschuldigungen so wörtlich den Vorwurf: – Zitat -: „Dass immer alle Spenden, die in Deutschland gemacht werden ohne Ausnahme auf das Konto von Andreas Klamm gehen.“ – Zitat Ende – . Gegenüber der Presse wurde mitgeteilt, dass die Kriminalpolizei Ludwigshafen in der Sache des größten Betruges der je in der Geschichte Deutschlands und Europas stattgefunden haben könnte, ermitteln würde. Seitens der Kripo Ludwigshafen gab es hierzu gegenüber unserer Redaktion in einer Anfrage bei der Kripo Ludwigshafen keine offizielle Bestätigung.

Ungeklärt ist zur Zeit noch die Frage wie es dem Journalisten und Autor gelungen sein soll unbemerkt gleichzeitig an alle Spendengelder der Christlich Demokratischen Union (CDU), Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD), Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, FDP, Die Linke, andere Parteien, der katholischen und evangelischen Kirche Deutschlands, World Vision Deutschland, von Unicef Deutschland, Arbeiterwohlfahrt, Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband, Deutscher Spenden-Siegel, Ein Herz für Kinder, Kinder unter dem Regenbogen von Radio Regenbogen, der Rettungsorganisationen Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Malteser Hilfsdienst, Die Johanniter, Arbeiter Samariter Bund (ASB) und weiterer mehrerer tausend Hilfsorganisation in Deutschland zu gelangen.

Mehrere unabhängige Beobachter gelangten nach einigen Prüfung zur Einschätzung dass dies offenbar nicht möglich ist.

„Für eine solche Aktion wäre wohl eine Art universeller Kontozugriff auf alle Spendenkonten aller Parteien und Hilfsorganisationen in Deutschland notwendig. Für wenig glaubhaft halte ich es, dass die Vorsitzenden der beiden großen Volks-Parteien, Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel und der ehemalige Parteivorsitzende und Ministerpräsident des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz, Kurt Beck, nicht über die Bewegungen auf ihren Partei-Konten informiert gewesen sein sollen, sofern diese in der Realität stattgefunden hätten.

Der Vorwurf des Spendenbetruges in Höhe von 700 Milliarden Euro ist absurd und lächerlich. In Anbetracht der Summe müsste sich Josef Ackermann und die Deutsche Bank ja schon fast wie eine arme Kirchenmaus fühlen.

Den deutschen Sicherheits-Behörden, wie dem Bundeskriminalamt in Wiesbaden kann man in Zeiten der Total-Überwachung aller Menschen in Deutschland sicherlich zumindest in der Hinsicht vertrauen, dass Konten-Bewegungen in Höhe von mehreren Millionen oder gar Milliarden Euro sicher den Behörden nicht verborgen bleiben könnten. Die zuständige Staatsanwaltschaft, die Generalbundesanwaltschaft in Karlsruhe und das Bundeskriminalamt in Wiesbaden habe ich nach den Vorwürfen öffentlich zur unverzüglichen Prüfung meiner Konten aufgefordert. Die Ergebnisse stehen noch aus. Zur Zeit beträgt der aktuelle Konto-Stand auf meinem Konto etwas weniger als 1 Euro.

Den falschen Betrugsvorwurf halte ich nicht für witzig. Mal ehrlich, für wahrscheinlich halten sie einen Vorwurf, dass sich der gesuchte Top-Terrorist Osama bin Laden zur Zeit als Gast der Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel bei Tee und Plätzchen in bilateralen Gesprächen im Bundeskanzleramt in Berlin befindet. Wer würde so einen Vorwurf glauben schenken? Wie wahrscheinlich soll es dann wohl sein, dass ein kranker, armer und behinderter Journalist durch die Aufforderung armen Menschen in Ludwigshafen zu helfen, einen Spenden-Betrug in Höhe von 700 Milliarden begangen haben könnte. Die falschen Vorwürfe sind ernst und schlimm. Daher erhalten 100 obdachlose Menschen in schwerster Not keine Hilfe und Spenden mehr und zudem befinde ich mich nachweisbar öffentlich bekannt, mit chronischen Erkrankungen und körperlichen Behinderungen auch in schwerster Not. Das konnten inzwischen auch die Beobachter internationaler Menschenrechts-Organisationen, dazu zählt auch Amnesty international, feststellen. Dem Mord geht bekanntlich der Rufmord voraus.

Wenn man Menschen, auch Kindern und Frauen in schwerster Not vorsätzlich jede vernünftige Form der finanziellen Hilfe vorenthält, die notwendig wäre um die Menschen mit Nahrung, Kleidung und medizinisch zu versorgen, dann sollte man das auch offen nennen was es ist: Vorsätzlicher Mord mit besten Wissen aus Habgier und niedrigen Beweggründen.

Erfreulicherweise bin ich kein Jurist und kein Richter, sondern nur Journalist, Rundfunk-Journalist und Autor. Es fällt mir schwer zu verstehen, wie doch nicht wenige Menschen mit so großer Freude erfüllt werden, wenn diese arme, kranke und vermeintlich schwache Schutz-bedürftige Kinder, Frauen und Männer in Not vernichten und töten.

Es geht mir und das betone ich ausdrücklich, nicht darum zu urteilen oder zu verurteilen, sondern auf eine wirkungsvolle Änderung des Sozial-Verhaltens vieler Menschen in das Gute hinzuwirken. Gutes Sozial-Verhalten von Menschen bedeutet für mich die Toleranz, Geduld, Offenheit, Dialog, Kommunikation, Gerechtigkeit, Frieden, Liebe, Mitgefühl und wenn es notwendig ist auch kranke oder schwächere Menschen in der Gesamtheit aller Menschen auch finanziell mitzutragen.

Da sich mir bekannt zur Zeit weitere Menschen in schwerster Not befinden und um das Überleben kämpfen bleibt mir nichts anderes, als meine Kritik so offen und so deutlich auszusprechen auch dann wenn das reiche und andere Menschen als Provokation, sicher nicht ganz ohne Grund, empfinden sollten.

Vor dem Richterstuhl Gottes muss sich jeder einzelne Mensch dieser Erde ohne Ausnahme verantworten. Es werden sicher alle Dinge an das Licht gelangen. Die Wahrheit wird nicht verborgen bleiben, da bin ich mir sicher.“ ergänzte Andreas Klamm.

Im Oktober 2007 stellte der Journalist und Autor beim U.S.Department for Justice in Washington, D.C. in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika einen Antrag auf den Wechsel der deutschen Staatsbürgerschaft in die amerikanische Staatsbürgerschaft nach Artikel 15 der Allgemeinen Erklärung der Menschenrechte. „An dem Wunsch des Wechsels der Staatsbürgerschaft halte ich fest. Es handelt sich um ein Allgemeines Menschenrecht.

Zu Deutschland habe ich kaum noch irgendeine Beziehung. Dieses Land ist Gott sei Dank und definitiv nicht mein Land auch dann wenn ich hier nicht wenige Steuern bezahlt habe und immer noch bezahle. Es fällt mir schwer mich in diesem Land ausdrücklich gegen meinen Willen aufzuhalten. Das hat mehrere Gründe. Zum einen bin ich von Geburt an französisch-deutscher Bürger und zum anderen denke ich seit mehr als 20 Jahren kosmopolitisch und weniger national.

Meine Großmutter Martha Kolacz wechselte bereits im Jahr 1950 ihre Staatsbürgerschaft und verließ Deutschland für immer. Sie hatte gute Gründe nicht eine einzige Sekunde nach Deutschland zurück zu kehren obgleich es Freunde gab, die sogar für ein Flugticket an ihrem ehemaligen Arbeitsplatz sammelten, damit sie ihre Tochter, meine Mutter, in Deutschland besuchen könnte.

Dazu ist es nicht gekommen und meine Großmutter ist vor einigen Jahren von uns gegangen. Sie wurde in der australischen Stadt Melbourne beerdigt. Mich zieht es mehr nach Amerika in die Stadt, die nie schläft, nach New York und in der zudem viele Menschen leben und wirken, die kosmopolitisch denken. Im Allgemeinen ist mir meine Großmutter ein großes Vorbild.“, sagte der Journalist und Autor.


Menschenrechte: Toleranz und Gastfreundschaft

Menschenrechte: Toleranz und Gastfreundschaft


Eine Info-Grafik, modifiziert und neu gestaltet von Andreas Klamm, Journalist, Rundfunk-Journalist und Autor.

Original von

1. www.ratschlag-thueringen.de
2. www.lag-antifas-welt.de



World Citizen: Journalist confirms that he is working for the international press – “War is abortion”

World Citizen:

Journalist confirms that he is working for the international press

“War is abortion”

By Andrew P. Harrod

Washington, D.C./New York City/October 24, 2008/3mnewswire.org/– The French-German journalist, broadcast journalist and author of several books, founder and director of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty and IBS Television Liberty, founder and director of Grace MedCare Ltd. London, United Kingdom has confirmed that since 1984 he is working as journalist, author and broadcast journalist for the international press.

Some German citizen have considered that the French-German author by birth could be Anti-German.

Andreas Klamm has said: “By no means I am Anti-German. These people have perhaps come to false conclusions only because I am against the deadly ideology of the German Nazis, against racism, nationalism, against the abuses of human rights and against the oppression of the poor people and against the oppression of refugees and other people.”

It has been discovered that the journalist has been even recently co-operating with authors and journalists from countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America, Israel, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland, Austria, Australia, Iran, Iraq, Paraguay, Bolivia, Canada, Lithuania, Brazil, Portugal, Turkey, Russia, Denmark, Togo, Kenya, Burundi, Sweden, Georgia, the Dominican Republic and even with journalists from Asia..

The journalist has explained also “You should not wonder about these things. In the German city of Speyer and in the English city of Leeds in the United Kingdom in 1986 I became the founder of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty, IBS Television Liberty, which is an international and alternative non-commercial media. Since 1986 I have declared many times both on radio and television in many cases that the independent, alternative is supporting international understanding since 1986. Those which have been watching my radio and television programs do know very well, that as a French-German journalist, author, broadcast journalist I do treat myself as a citizen in this world.

The German city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein is a city in this world and on this planet. Certainly I have to refuse if people call me an alien or Anti-German. I am a citizen in this world and a citizen on this planet and certainly I do treat myself as a citizen in this world as a human being and claim to be a human being.

If some people call me an alien this leads to the conclusion if these people perhaps could be Anti-human? The international community should investigate who might be PRO-human beings and who might be Anti–human beings. This investigation and research would so easily deliver hundreds if not thousand of interesting stories which have to be covered in the newspapers, on radio, the television. So far as I have heard about the number I do believe there are about 6.7 billions of human beings in this world. Who in the world could claim that he or she is not born in this world and on this planet? And who in the world would believe such a thing even if someone would claim to be born as a human being not in this world and on this planet? My belief system includes that all human beings have equal rights to live, for social security, for democracy, liberty, peace and justice.

This might be shocking news. But I am also Anti-Abortion when it comes to the point where dictators do believe they might have the right to abort millions of human beings by war or other disasters which have caused by human beings. Not every disaster is a natural one or caused by a supernatural and supreme authority. Some of the disasters are created by people which do profit from wars and love to abort (to kill) millions of people, instead to save the life or a man or woman or even more. War is abortion in the higher sense. Someone else is making the decision if you might live or not. I believe the right to create live and to take life belongs to the LORD our GOD, only. It is very easy to deliver the proof. Certainly I do believe we have to bring to an end the bloody circle of violence.

Horses and dogs seems to be more intelligent than us poor human beings in the area of social ties and behavior. Have you ever heard a dog or a horse, which was white or yellow calling a brown dog or a black horse to be a non-dog or to be a non-horse? The critics should understand you can not change this: I am a human being and I am a citizen in this world and on this planet. Certainly I will continue to support and to work hard for international understanding, liberty, democracy, peace, social security, justice and human rights.

It is no secret that some dictators and supporters of a tyranny want to make all of us their slaves. We should by no means allow such a thing going to happen. Therefore it is important to be engaged in the defense of democracy, liberty, international understanding, peace, liberty, social values and justice. This engagement will actually make many of us better human beings.”

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PLEASE: Do not pay any attention to Anti-Obama „Christian“ propaganda – About the danger of smear campaigns during U.S elections

PLEASE: Do not pay any attention to Anti-Obama „Christian“ propaganda – About the danger of smear campaigns during U.S elections

By Andreas Klamm

Washington. D.C./New York City. Perhaps I should be thankful that I am not an U.S. citizen at this time and therefore I have not the right to vote for Senator Barack Obama or Senator John Mc Cain.

In October 2007 I have written to the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C, United States of America (U.S.A) and have requested according to ARTICLE 15, according to the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS by the UNITED NATIONS the change of citizenship from the German citizenship into the American citizenship. Certainly I do make no secret of the fact that I want to become an U.S. citizen.

By birth I am a French-German citizen and since 1984 I am working as journalist, author, broadcast journalist and even as independent television- film- radio- and media producer.

As founder and director of the IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty and IBS Television Liberty I need to ask you today because of very sad incidents which happened in the past weeks during the Presidential campaign: „PLEASE DO NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION to smear campaigns issued by so called Christian believers.“

Some of the so called Christian believers have issued news and press releases which should be accounted for what they are: SMEAR CAMPAIGNS against Senator Barack Obama. This could be perhaps even called racism. However I do not want to go this far.

These so called Christian believers claim to know that Senator Barack Obama is a Muslim. Since weeks I am doing a lot of research on Senator Barack Obama and so far as I have been able to gather the news and information he is not officially known as a Muslim believer.

However even if Senator Barack Obama would be a faithful man of the Muslim faith, there would be nothing wrong with such a thing according the the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and both of the Presidential candidates, Senator Barack Obama and Senator John Mc Cain have caused me to study again and again the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS by the UNITED NATIONS and the U.S. CONSTITUTION and many other issues. However therefore I give thanks to both of the Presidential candidates.

As you are able to imagine I would love to know already today who will become the next President of the United States of America but we have to wait until November 4, 2008. One thing seems to be certain: The candidate which will be able to get more votes for himself and his party will become the next President of the United States of America.

What I find quite difficult in concern of these so called christians which issue all kind of information during a worse SMEAR CAMPAIGN against Senator Barack Obama, have these Christian believers forgotten, that in the Bible it is written to love 1. The LORD our God, 2. your neighbor as thyself and even 3. to LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.

Why is number 3 this important. Even if some so called Christian believers would account Senator Barrack Obama as an enemy they have by no means the right to issue information against Senator Barrack Obama during a smear campaign. Christian believers are supposed even to LOVE their enemies and not to harm them during any kind of smear campaign.

Another serious strange thing: So many so called Christian believers are fighting against abortion, which seems to be a serious Christian important duty. But on the other hand they are supporting the death penalty such against Troy Davis which has testified in the public that he has not killed the police officer. Seven of nine witnesses have withdrawn their given testimonies against Troy Davis. There is not one physical evidence that Troy Davis has killed a person or police officer.

It does not match if so called “Christian believers” do support the death penalty even against a possible innocent man.

Hear the statement of Mr. Troy Davis yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rg3cJOdzO1A. He said that he serves in prison for 16 years for a crime which did he NOT commit.

So how in the world so called “Christian believers” can fight against abortion on one hand and on the other hand they do cry for the murder of a possible innocent man, such as Mr. Troy Davis.

Where in the world are these millions of so called Christian believers to take action to avoid the killing of an innocent man. True believers in Christ would do so, but there are not many of them so far as we have been able to notice.

If some one calls herself or himself to be a “Christian believer” it does not mean always that they are true believers, because true believers would not allow it going to happen that a possible innocent man is going to be killed in the state of Georgia on October 27 and true believers would not participate a SMEAR campaign against one of the Presidential candidates.

Therefore PLEASE understand, IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty, IBS Television Liberty is providing all different kind of news and information, television and radio reports since 1986.

IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty is operating under LOW- and NO-budget conditions and under ARTICLE 18 and ARTICLE 19 of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS.

For reason of documentation we do even publish news and information which are totally different to our own views, beliefs and faith. With most of the news and information which we do provide we do not agree in any way. Certainly we do publish news and information which are totally in contradiction to our own political views, faith or belief. ARTICLE 18 and ARTICLE 19 of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS by the UNITED NATIONS make such things possible, so far as we do receive under BEST circumstances all different kind of information, that people, meaning our readers, viewers and listener can make their own decision.

When it comes to the point that we are getting aware of the fact that so many news and press releases have been issued against one person or organization we are making AWARE our readers, viewers and listeners of SMEAR campaigns but we do not oppress the documentation of any kind of information and news.

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After the smear campaigns against Senator Barack Obama got this worse I need to ask you hereby today to VOTE INDEPENDENT as possible. Make your vote based upon education, financial, political and social issues but DO NOT PAY ATTENTION to brainwashing SMEAR CAMPAIGNS against one of the Presidential candidates.

Perhaps you should consider that these so called „Christian propaganda“ is not even Christian, as you have learned Christian believers are supposed to love 1. The LORD our God, 2. your neighbor as thyself and even 3. to LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.

Not one of the Presidential candidates is an enemy in concern of belief or faith related issues. All of the Presidential candidates are candidates for the U.S. elections in the United States of America and in this world.

Thank you!

Article 18
“Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”

Article 19

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”


Letter from the United Nations in Geneve to journalist Mr. Andreas Klamm

Letter from the United Nations in Geneve to journalist Mr. Andreas Klamm

Washington D.C. / New York City/October 21, 2008/3mnewswire.org/– . The journalist Andreas Klamm, founder of British Newsflash Magazine, IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty, IBS Television Liberty, MJB Mission News, ISSN 1999-8418 has officially confirmed that he has written some petitions to the United Nations offices in New York City and in Geneve. It seems that already since years he has communication with the United Nations.

“The petitions have be written in concern of human rights issues, elementary and fundamental human rights such as the right to live for all people, change of citizenship according to Article 15, Universal Declaration of the Human Rights by the United Nations (UN), targeted killing, the murder of people and other important issues. I believe it is the duty of every human being to stand up for human rights and it does not matter this much, in which countries the abuses and the serious violations against the human rights are going to happen. However even if some rich and wealthy people and certain members of the government believe they might have the right to oppress the truth and to murder people this does not mean that these people and political forces have the right to do so. This does not mean that I am anti-German. I am only against the massive abuses and violations against the human rights and this is a different and important issue.”, said Andreas Klamm.


The danger of spies is little: Free thinking and free communication will be censored or even forbidden

The danger of spies is little:

Free thinking and free communication will be censored or even forbidden

By Andreas Klamm

New York / London/3mnewswire.org/– Many people in the United States of America and in Germany are so much worried about the fact that government institutions and huge massive telecommunication companies could spy on them.

In Germany people are very well used to the total observation by the German intelligence services such as the Gestapo during the years 1933 to 1945 and the STASI during the years 1945 to 1990. This is not new to the people in Germany that companies and governmental organization do spy on them since many years already.

The danger is surely that if telecommunications companies do spy constantly on managers, military forces members, politicians and other people these people which have been “monitored” could easily become a victim of an extortion.

In summer 2008 it has been discovered that the biggest German telecommunication company has spied on journalists, managers, politicians and actually all people in Germany. The new so called Anti-Terror laws made it easily going to happen that about 82 million people in Germany are accounted as “potential terrorists” in Germany and the German military will have to fight against German citizen. Imagine the poor German soldier which will receive the order “Shoot her, shoot your grandma, daughter, neighbor as German soldiers usually follow simply the instructions which are given by commanders, “order is order”.” The German soldiers will be polite and friendly and tell their daughters, sons and grandparents: “Sorry, but order is order, I have to kill you”. As they did during they years in 1933 to 1945. German soldiers have been this brave that they have tried to attack Russia, knowing very well that there is no chance to win the war against Russia.

If there would be 82 million people terrorists in Germany this certainly could be a real threat to national security in Germany. But how realistic is it going to happen that 82 million people in Germany will be on the payroll of the Al-Qaeda network and Osama bin Laden (Usāmah bin Muḥammad bin Awaḍ bin Lādin). Does he know already about this massive rise in membership of his terror network?

Who in the world would believe that 260 million American citizen could be in the future willing to sign in as members with the Al-Qaeda network as this seems to be the thing which some political forces want us to believe. Would Osama bin Laden be able to handle this situation?

It was not a real shocking news that the German parliament has decided about one week ago that the German military known as Bundeswehr will be used in the upcoming war against democracy and demonstrators such as peace demonstrators in Germany

The German citizen or the people are used already to this circumstances, the use of the German military against citizen of Germany already since 2007. During the G8 summit in Heiligendamm military combat air craft and military combat vehicle have been used to “observe” the opposition and demonstrators against the G8 summit and many preemptive raids by massive police forces have been noticed.

Is it really a coincident only? In 1937 the German military called in the dark ages from 1933 to 1945 Wehrmacht has used against the opposition which have been not willing to support the Nazi-Terror-Regime and in many places in Germany the still so beloved the “Fuehrer – Adolf the Great”, better known as Adolf Hitler.

What people in the United States of America (U.S.A.) and in Germany might perhaps not be aware of is the fact that some so called “world elite thinkers” do believe that free thinking and free communication of any kind between many or all people has to be censored or to be prohibited.

Is this something new? Maybe or should I write “Mayday, mayday, mayday !” in the meaning of Mayday which is an emergency code word used internationally as a distress signal in voice procedure radio communications.

It derives from the French venez m’aider, meaning ‘come help me‘. It is used to signal a life-threatening emergency by many groups, such as police forces, pilots, the fire brigade, and transportation organizations. The call is always given three times in a row (“Mayday Mayday Mayday”) to prevent mistaking it for some similar-sounding phrase under noisy conditions, and to distinguish an actual mayday call from a message about a mayday call, according to wikipedia.

So far as some people do remember the speech of one known as Adolf Hitler which has sad that Germany shall be above all.

“Electric wires, high and double
Won’t let you Mom – you won’t see your daughter
So don’t believe those censored letters of mine
cause the truth is different; but don’t cry, Mom.
And if you would like to seek out your child’s trace
Don’t ask anyone, don’t knock anywhere:
look for the ashes in the fields of Auschwitz
It will be there.  But don’t cry – enough of bitterness here.
And if you would like to discover your child’s trace
look for the ashes in the fields of Birkenau
They’ll be there – so look for the ashes
In the fields of Auschwitz, in the woods of Birkenau,
Mom, look for the ashes – I’ll be there!”

As you are able to read, to censor even letters from German concentration camps is not new to people in Germany. The victims of the Nazi-Terror-Regime can tell you real stories of any kind. Monika Dombke is only one of the victims of the German Nazi Holocaust and during 1933 to 1945 millions have people have been killed.

People in Germany are even used to mass murder also. In World War II 50 million people have been slaughtered, murdered or killed. It does not really matter how you call the fact that 50 million people are dead.

During 1933 to 1945 the victims of the Nazi regime have been burned in the crematory and you should not wonder if these things still continue going to happen in the so called “good old Germany”.

Germany is no doubt so very special and perhaps it is already truly above all as Hitler during his famous speeches has declared. Germany could be so easily even above the U.S presidency .

As long as people in the United States of America do not desire to live in the future in a country which most of the American citizen do not even know, the United States of Germany with its capital city Washington, D.C., they should consider to fight as peaceful as possible for liberty, democracy, peace and justice. Otherwise 260 million American citizen will face the consequences what it means to be a slave under torture in Germany.

The U.S. magazine Forbes has published three years in continuation that the German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel “…is the most powerful woman on earth…”. In a public speech in 2005 the German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel has declared in the future “…will Germany not able anymore to afford the luxury of a democracy…”. Only a short time after Adolf Hitler has said a similar thing, the world was engaged in World War II.

About the up coming stone age

One of my favorite writers, Albert Einstein has made the statements: “A man’s ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding. I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

If free communication will be censored or even forbidden, how in the world understanding shall be possible?

On November 4, 2008 it will be election day in the United States of America. Spend only 10 seconds on the strange idea that the German chancellor known as the most powerful woman on earth will take control over the U.S. presidency. She would be the very first emperor in charge of the European Union (500 million people) and the United States of Germany (260 million people) which has been known until the year 2008 as the United States of America (U.S.A.).

Perhaps people should consider if they truly want to become an inmate of some kind of concentration camp and will end up in a crematory.

The serious question which needs to be asked: Is this world during a global financial crisis truly able to afford the luxury of country known as Germany which could be above all?

Andreas Klamm, journalist and author since 1984 is the founder and director of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty (Leeds, England, United Kingdom, 1986), Radio IBS Liberty, IBS Television Liberty, British Newsflash Magazine (1986) and Grace MedCare Ltd. London, United Kingdom, (October 2006). IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty is supporting international understanding since 1986 and there are hundreds of witnesses. In October 2007 with the U.S Department for Justice, Washington, D.C he has requested the change of the German citizenship into the American citizenship for reason of belief, faith, conscience and political reason. He is in opposition to the German political decisions such as the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. He is against his will in Germany. Since 19 months access to any kind of medical treatment and even to dentists is not possible. He has written and published several books. His grandfather is Black-African, was a former French-Army officer and is a French citizen. His total income for the year 2007 have been 437,– Euro for the entire year. He had to pay federal tax for the total income of 437,–. Euro for an entire year in 2007. He said recently,”…that he wants NOT to support the Nazi ideology and that Human Rights or social security do count nothing in Germany. If you are poor in Germany it actually means that you are not accounted even as a human being or in other words by no means poor people have any rights in Germany. I do know what I am talking about. If I would have any rights I would be allowed to leave the country which I do in not like. Many people in Germany have a great joy to kill children, women and disabled men. After three accidents in 1993, 1994, 1995 I am physically disabled. For 22 years I have paid all tax of all kind of medical, social and even unemployment insurance and federal tax. However I do receive nothing ! Disabled and poor people have no rights and the paper the so called human rights are written on is not worth one single cent in Germany. In 2007 he was questioned by German Police. The right for defense of an attorney was denied. You see if I mean no right, I mean absolutely no human rights, even not the right to be defended by an attorney. This is Germany and you should know this. The day when G-d will judge the earth and all which dwell on this earth is coming and G-D himself will take care of these and other things. People are laughing at me and other victims but they will stop their laughter the day when G-D himself will judge all which dwell in this world. Be certain, the judge will judge, even the judges. — Nazis do bother me. It seems crystal clear all they know is how to kill children, women, poor people and disabled men…”