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Welcome to the additional serivce

Welcome  to the additional service of

IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty

Radio IBS Liberty

IBS Television Liberty

which is also know as IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Leeds, Radio IBS Leeds, IBS Television Leeds, because it was founded back in 1986 by journalist, Mr. Andreas Klamm and friends in the English city of Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom and the German city of Speyer am Rhein.

This is an international an independent service since 1986, supporting international understanding since 1986 and support disabled people, journalists and media producer.

What we do stand for ?

:: Liberty

:: Peace

:: Independence

:: Democracy

This are the basic thing. There are some more aims and tasks which we do fulfill since 1986.

However as all of you have noticed in this world “some forces” do NOT care this much about, democracy, liberty, peace and independence anymore.

This destructive forces are trying to establish instead of the GOOD THINGS, war, hatred, racism, fascism (which Germany knows so well since 1933), crimes, total enslavement, dictatorship.

What shall this be good for?

We will try to inform you as we do stand for democracy, liberty, independence and peace, but are OPPRESSED also, because the same forces which do try hard to destroy all GOOD THINGS, are trying to oppress and they do oppress a free press, free speech, free opinion and other elementary issue of a vital democracy.

IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty (Leeds) pis providing independent information and information of many different kind, so far as our independent journalist are NOT hindered or the basic human rights are not abused.

Within the 24 years which I am working as an independent journalist it happened many times to me as editor in chief that I became myself several time a victim of several human right abuses including several death threat from German Neo Nazis.

Now do not get me wrong. Certainly I do know and I have covered many story´s about many other victims of serious human right abuses in Germany and even in other countries.

Since 2006 I have chosen to live and work both in the United Kingdom and in Germany.

The independent radio and television programs are produced in the English and German language since 1986 and have been and are aired on public access in the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries.

Some parts of the television and radio productions you will find on:

My wish and dream is to move to the United States of America (U.S.A.) which is known as the land of the free and the brave people. Even if some serious incidents have taken place in the beautiful America. I still do believe that America is a special nation and many of its people remain blessed.

Andreas Klamm, Journalist, author of several books,

broadcasting host of “”, “XXL-info. Compact”